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September 16, 2008

The New Google Favicon

by Anthony Verre

A Curvier, Sleeker, and New Favicon for Google:

I woke up this morning to a new Google Favicon.

Those of you who don’t remember, here’s the old one:

Search Engine Roundtable, because they are always on top of the news, beat me to the punch this morning. Check out Barry’s comments about the new Google Favicon. Personally, I have to agree that the old favicon seems to have much more stature; the new one, while I noticed right away (only because I live on the web) feels like it could blend in and get lost. It’s doesn’t have nearly the “ummph” the old “G” used to have.

Something strange, which I did notice, is that the Internet Explorer (I use Version 7) starts off with the old favicon, while Mozilla Firefox started off with the new favicon. Just a note of interest.

News Update on the New Favicon And Why Google Felt They Had to Change It:

From an official Google Spokesperson:

“We recognized there was a need for a Google icon that would better work across multiple applications including web, mobile and client applications. We felt the small ‘g’ had many of the characteristics that best represent our brand: it’s simple, playful, and unique. We will be looking to improve and enhance this icon as we move forward.”

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