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Three Reasons MySpace Ad Platform Will Fail Too

MySpace Launches Another Social Networking Ad Platform

In case you didn’t know, MySpace launched their DIY (Do It Yourself) ad platform.  Check out this CNET article for the details. And, in the event you don’t like to read, here’s a condensed screenshot:

Three Reasons MySpace’s New Ad Platform is Going to Fail:

1) Like FaceBook, the MySpace ROI Will Be Dismal:

The ROI (Return on Investment) will not be there. Advertisers are going to kick in a lot of money and get very little out of it.  Why?  Two considerations to take into account:

2) Targeting the Pre-Pubescent and Immature (a.k.a. No Money of Their Own)

MySpace, ideally, should be used for advertisers shooting for 13-21.  That’s right, you’re targeting the pre-pubescent and the immature.  They have very little money of their own to spend. And, that’s ok.  That’s your niche. They also have a very high degree of “banner blindness”, that is, they’ve trained themselves to ignore ads and focus on content which matters to them.

a) The MySpace Layout:

The MySpace layout is a complete cluster.  It’s completely scrambled eggs.  Users are lucky to distinguish between important things on the page, let alone advertising.  They might switch over to a “new” layout like FaceBook, where it shapes and prunes the ads from the FaceBook content, but only until advertisers start to complain about their ROI on these ads. And, even then, it won’t be enough to bring the advertisers back.

3) ROI on Social Networking is a Myth

I asked the question, “how many SEMs and Web Marketers will be using the new MySpace Ad Platform? Why or Why Not?” I got some great answers from CommunityMGR (a.k.a. James Wong).

And, I couldn’t agree more with CommunityMGR: if you’re a corporation looking to use social media, then you should be using social media/social networking sites for BRAND MANAGEMENT and sculpting BRAND REPUTATION.  And, as James points out, that is the true ROI: keeping your brand image and reputation exactly as you need it to be with consumers.  There’s no price you can pay for that, and in the long run that’s truly an ROI multiplier.

So, before you dive head first into these ad programs offered by your “favorite” social networks, ask yourself what it is that you really want to accomplish.  Because if you really want ROI, then you should look elsewhere.


Plurk: The Next Magical Social Networking Site

Plurk: The Next Big Thing

We all know that there are hundreds of social media, bookmarking, and networking sites out there. Plurk is just the latest one to come along, and is, in the infamous words of the Talking Heads, “Burning down the house”. It’s a hot property out in web-world and it’s only a few months old. It works a lot like Twitter, but without the meltdowns and inspires a sense of the unknown.

Here’s the Gist:

- Users (like Twitter) get 140 characters to compose a message with

- Users have 15 verbs to predicate their messages with. For example, “loves”, “hates”, “thinks”, “wishes”, “was”, etc. This, I believe, allows users to formulate better, more coherent “Plurks”.

-Users can build up a following and receive friends’ plurks. All plurks are set on a timeline and displayed chronologically. This is an interesting feature which I found, to be honest, strange at first, but have grown accustomed to. I find that the plurks of others are more organized and not nearly as congested as they can get on Twitter.

-Karma Points (Police?): this is latest rage in social networking sites: Karma. You’ve got Karma on Reddit, Mixx, and now Plurk. But, unlike the others, Karma earns you stuff, so there is actually an incentive to plurking and using Plurk. Additionally, which I think is spiffy, it seems as if the folks at Plurk, have a Karma algorithm to calculate and recalculate your Karma as you Plurk along. You get points for the following:

  • Getting the folks you know to sign up and use Plurk. ATTENTION: SHAMELESS PLUG: if you feel like following me, or joining, use this Plurk Link: (that’ll be my only one, I promise)
  • Plurking. The more you plurk, the more Karma points you can earn.
  • Customizing your profile: Deck ou t your profile by adding an image, tweaking the colors of Plurk background, and adding in all the information you can in your profile. Completeness seems to be the key (kind of like LinkedIn)

My initial thought is this concept is a winner. The interface is easily accessible, clean, and well organized. And, I like that it doesn’t “have to” interface with hundred other social networking/media apps out there. Even though it’s in its infancy, the creators feel strong enough that it can stand on its own. This one definitely makes it into my Top 10 Social Media apps, not only because of its winning features, but also because it is fairly undiscovered territory at this point. This site should be up for SEOMoz’s Web 2.0 award next year.

I don’t have a real “I Wish This Site Had” list yet. Right now, I think it functions perfectly. I want this site to grow organically before it feels like it has to add features and massive interconnectivity to the rest of the social networking world.

Also, if you want the real skinny on this site and its application (all the ins and outs) check out this post by Thinking Serious (excellent post by the way)


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