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The SEO of Now

The Uninitiated Looking for “The SEO of Now”

I suppose it’s time to throw my two cents in on the “SEO is Underground” topic. The prerequisite reading for this post are as follows:

johnon_comSEO Goes Back Underground in 2009

seo_book_logoSome Popular SEO Experts Don’t Know Much About SEO

What SEO is on tap for today?

What SEO is on tap for today?

What’s today’s special?

That’s the mentality that breeds within the SEO community. Everyone is looking for shortcuts to search marketing success (i.e. what corners can I cut?).  I am asked ALL THE TIME, what’s the easiest thing I can do (implying there are “tricks” or otherwise “some magic potion” I can sprinkle on their website) to stimulate instant growth and success. With little to no work. The uninitiated are always looking for the SEO of now.

The SEO of Now is simply a reiteration of a ‘soup du jour’ concept: what’s hot today? I have to agree with both John and Aaron, that the majority of SEO professionals are underground.  Some of the things I read are simply laughable. Similarly, there is a mentality among those SEO publishers that we should “do as I say, not as I do”. The professionals doing the bone-grinding work; the solid-method-not-flashy-testing, are locked away in a room going blind sifting, analyzing data and seldom publishing those efforts. That said, there are professionals out there do, with best intentions in mind, stand in the limelight and provide great information. They are out there, but far and few between.


It’s the rockstar (the “me-me-I-I-meme”) socio-cultural tendency that leads to the SEO of Now. It’s the want/need to be center-stage that allows the Jell-O SEO out into the open. That’s the true savagery of the of community: this idea that you have to have stardom and face-time to be heard and taken seriously. It’s that thinking that propagates the SEO of Now horseshit. People talking to just talk and make a headline for themselves.

SEO Pixie Dust is the SEO of Now

SEO Pixie Dust is the SEO of Now

Why I Welcome the SEO of Now

It may sound strange, but I keep praying for the SEO of Now folks to keep pumping out their garbage. The truth of the matter is short-cuts and fluff are going to get you burned. And, yes, it’s going to burn those of not involved too, but the strong survive.

It’ll be those proclaiming expert, professional knowledge, and producing nothing but junk, that die off first. You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.


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