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3 Reasons You Need SEO: An Argument

The Dissolution of SEO Misinformation

Scouring the blogs lately, I’ve seen a couple get frank with the SEO community about respecting one another and “SEO haters” and misinformation. So a special thanks to Graywolf’s SEO Blog and Search Engine Roundtable and for leading the way with two good posts on the subject.

Myself, I’ve never really been accused of “ruining search” or manipulating search engines for my own gain (or my clients’). In fact, I’ve never really heard anything but thanks for helping to stave off a massive decline in leads and sales with the work I do.

A SEOs mission, at least it should be, is to make, like Google and other SEs, the best possible information available to users. I don’t consider it “manipulation” or “spamming” by following the rules set in place in order to give you, the user, the most relevant information available.

We’re not saintly, none of us can claim to be, but we are Good Samaritans. There isn’t an industry I can think of that is virginal and doesn’t have the “smudge” they’d rather not talk about. I’ve dropped the holier-than-thou act, and you, as a “hater” or whatever negative attitude you bring to the SEO party, should as well. We all have dirt under our fingernails.

Here’s why you want SEOs to continue doing SEO for you:

SEOs clarify and refine page information in SERPs

  • Look at a website that hasn’t seen the touch of an SEO. It’s a cluster of directionless, cluttered information. Users have a hard time discerning anything meaningful from the jumbles of gobbly-gook we fix.
  • When we do what we do, you get to look at search engine results pages (SERPs) that quite clear what that page is about and can make an informed decision about whether you want to click-through to it.
  • SEOs make the web a better experience for you:

  • Many SEOs are dedicated to page information and keywords. But, there are just as many of us dedicated to web usability. Of course it’s self-serving, but what act of goodness isn’t? You want a better experience on the web, and I want to aid you. I want you to be able to get to where I want you to go without any troubles. You want to get to where you want to go too.
  • If you didn’t have us, you still be stumbling around the web, looking for what it is you need/want. And when you got there, you’d never find your way to what you want. We help make your choice easier and your experience better.
  • SEOs help Mom and Pop level the playing field:

  • Think of SEO as a way to level the playing field for “Mom and Pop” shops that ordinarily would get crushed under their significantly larger corporate partners. SEOs can help to build brand recognition, to make the consumers aware of (in most cases) better service than you’d find at the larger corporate chains.
  • If you play the logic all the way, we help stabilize the economy and keep it diverse. We help create jobs because we keep Mom and Pop in the game and help them expand their burgeoning (in some cases “suffering”) business. And, as a consumer/user, you have just discovered a place that could become your next favorite.
  • So, the next time you’re about to bash, hate, or be disrespectful to an SEO, think about these three reasons above, and think about your own industry.


    First Impressions of Firefox 3

    The Reviews are Mixed: Firefox 3 Friend or Foe?

    On June 17th, Mozilla released Firefox 3 browser; a browser with purported enhancements for “faster, safer web browsing”.

    The Synopsis of Firefox 3 release:

    Available today in approximately 50 languages, Firefox 3 is two to three times faster than its predecessor and offers more than 15,000 improvements, including the revolutionary smart location bar, malware protection, and extensive under the hood work to improve the speed and performance of the browser.

    Three years of work and thousands of developers to produce the new browser. Many of us in the SEO/SEM/Search Marketing industry, as far as I can tell, have nothing but complaints about the browser thus far. The main issue: continually crashing. This browser, as far as I can surmise, doesn’t play nicely with Javascript or AJAX, and causes continual issues of crashing. Additionally, I’ve noticed that users are having trouble with Add-Ons, specifically the ones that we all can’t live without in order to do our daily work. Right there that’s a deal-breaker for me. In fact, it was such a deal breaker, that I downgraded back to Firefox 2 just so that I could continue to work at a decent pace with all my add-ons. And, it doesn’t seem that I’m alone.

    Here are just a few choice conversations from the community:

    Tamar\'s Plurk about FF3 Andy Beard\'s Tweet about FF3 Michael Graywolf Tweet About FF3

    But then there are folks that think Firefox 3 has been nothing but awesome thus far. I’ve seen comments like, “FF3 is smoother” and “I’ve had no problems with it thus far.” So, it appears to be a mixed bag at this point. The Mixed Bag of Results


    I’m waiting for a Firefox 3 update when they release some updates to play nicely with other web-standards like JS and AJAX, and when adding Add-ons doesn’t crash the entire browser. I would downgrade back to Firefox 2 until a new version is released. There’s been quite a backlash thus far, so I imagine that Mozilla been busy working on an update already. Downgrade as quickly as you can, and then upgrade when they release a new version.


    Matt Cutts: Google’s New Moral Compass?

    Matt Cutts: Google’s Moral Compass?

    At SMX Advanced today, at the Y & A with Matt Cutts (moderated by Danny Sullivan), Matt was asked how he feels being the “moral compass” for Google. This was in the context of the hoax article.

    For a complete transcript of the Y & A with Matt, check out Search Engine Roundtable’s post. (Excellent job by David Wallace)

    Here’s how Matt responded:


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